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Links to related (or personal favorite) web sites

Monroe Crossing
I originally played banjo with this wonderful Minnesota-based bluegrass band in 2001, and returned full-time in the beginning of 2007.

A Bluegrass Tribute to Audioslave
Yep - it actually exists. Furthermore, I was the one hired to create it.

My media production system
I've been working on this system, called Tinara, since sometime in 2000.

My music
I'm not a fan of MySpace, but IUMA isn't around anymore, and the revised MP3.com is worse than a bad joke.

My regular MySpace profile
I really do loath MySpace, but (since I've got so many real-life friends on there) creating a regular profile seemed to make some sort of sense (at the time).

My listening habits
I use Amarok and last.fm to keep track of what I'm listening to, both on the computer, and on my iPod.

My SourceForge.net developer profile
I'm directly connected with a few projects on SourceForge, although only one of them is being actively developed.

Nickel Creek
I've been a very big fan of this group since September of '97.

Druha Trava
Another great band - this one is from the Czech Republic.

Andy Glandt
A good friend of mine from Germany, with a special skill for playing banjo in open-D tuning.

Nechville Musical Products
In my humble opinion, the most creative and innovative banjo maker out there today.

Five strings inside
A very interesting site about playing Irish music on the banjo.